Piezo curves and their prefixes


hi could I please ask is there a list of what the prefixes in the K7 curves stand for … like I figure Nu is neutral but what about MPS and CAR …thanks


Here’s the read-me that is in all of the “newer” curve folders.

_ReadMe.pdf.zip (118.5 KB)

MPS (not listed in the readme) is an old curve acronym meaning “Master Piezography System” and is used for curves that are for gloss papers. While old, these curves still do work.



thanks , when I purchased K7 inks for my r 3800 printer I took the ultra HD matte black ink option. We don’t have the range of papers here that are available over there so I have been testing on some Ilford matte paper . Should I use a specific curve for the ultra hd matte ink option or just find what looks good and go with that? thanks . chris


Start with the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag curve. Generally just find the one that looks good.

The HD-K6 curves are a newer generation and will probably work better than the old K7 curves.



thanks for your reply … the link just says that page is private or does not exist. I am just wondering where to access the folders with the newer curves you are talking about. The ones that come with the piezography manual for my r 3800 have quite a few
acronyms I don’t understand and I as I only do matte printing I don’t want to mistakenly be using a gloss curve. We don’t of course have the array of papers over here (pretty limited actually) and so I’m experimenting with the cheaper Ilford paper to begin
with. When I bought the inks I chose to have the ultra HD option you offered for the matte black. Does this make a difference to the curve I choose to print with? thanks


Sorry for the late reply on this.

The curves are here: Piezography Community Edition: Manual, Curves, Documentation, & Tools