PIEZEGRAPHY Inks for DTP Photogravure - Epson 3800

I would like to use an Epson 3800 printer with your Piezography inks for DTP Photopolymer Photogravure. I currently use the Epson MK ink via QTR to print my plates (Toyobo Printight KM73). I am now investigating the possibility of swapping over to your BW inks. I am not sure which Inkset to purchase?? Also do you have any further instructions on how to set up the Epson or QTR driver for DTP?
Thanks in advance - Silvi

Dear Silvi. All you need right now is UltraHD-MK ink (just that one ink) and the Epson driver. @donmessec teaches this and it’s probably best to do a paid consult with him on setting up a proper workflow for printing DTP (or take his workshop it’s awesome!). The Toyobo plates will not work, you need different plates (currently Hampton Editions sells these) https://purchase.solarplate.com/main.sc


So a printer just needs to have one position with UltraHD-MK ink in it? So rest of positions can have color inks in them? It prints with just that channel? Using just the Epson driver and no QTR?

Yes to all.

We are working on a slight (or possibly very large) upgrade to this workflow at cone editions as a platemaking and editioning service for artist clients of cep but do not plan to sell that particular technology as of yet. Right now though, UHD MK ink offers a very good dtp dot with the Epson driver!

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But how do you get the Epson driver to put the “dots” down?

I have been working with Printight plates for photogravure for the past 18 years and they work just great. Feel free to see examples on my website - www.silvi.com.au I am very interested to know why you think they will not work? Can you give me more details please?
I have now been printing DTP for the past 4 years, but was wanting to try out piezzography so that I could use more than just one channel of black and therefore improve the transitions into the highlights.

In our experience Toyobo plates have funky interaction with oxygen and moister leading to uneven tonal variance (splotches) and the solar plates do not have this problem. I think many people simply have gotten used to the splotches and decided that this was something that comes with the territory. I suggest getting . a plate from the link in my earlier comment to test for yourself however.

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