Pictorico White Gloss Film looses gloss



I noticed with the pigment ink that this film looses the gloss and becomes more of a satin with the pigment ink. A reflected bulb onto the white base (No image.) shows the detail enough to read the lettering on the bulb, but anywhere in the print it is soft and diffuse and not readable. Ink black selected was the PK and not MK.

A bit of bronzing was observed too so I put it through the other printer with the K7 GO loaded and got much the same effect - sort of a satin look and not glossy as the base of the film/paper alone.

Will more coats of GO achieve the gloss or is it a lost cause? Would a wax of some sort and buffing bring back the gloss?

I don’t know if a dye ink might be more suitable to this film stuff, although I will have it fade probably quicker than I’d like and why I went back to the pigment.




Hi Mack~

Yes, pigment ink doesn’t have a super glossy finish on gloss media. I would suggest a maximum of two costs of 30K GO. If that doesn’t give the desired results, then dye may be better suited for your needs, as dye has much better gloss compatibility than pigment, though doesn’t have good longevity like pigment, so dye is only recommended for use with short-term graphics.
Our InkThrift DB ink is a pigment/dye hybrid that has better longevity than dye (though not as good as pure pigment), and good gloss compatibility like dye- so this may be a good fit for your work. You would need a DuraBrite model printer for the best results with IT DB ink.

I hope this helps.
Best regards and happy New Year~ Dana