Pictorico Transparency Film_score lines from printer rollers

I use an Epson Sure Color P20000 64" printer. When I run the Pictorico transparency film through it, I notice score lines, which I am assuming are caused by the rollers. Wondering if there is any way to prevent this from happening. Or if another printer works better for not leaving these lines. Thank You, Joe

hmm, with the 11880 I put felt in the platen area . . . and I lowered the vacuum pressure as low as I could get it.


Thanks for the quick reply. Is the felt you used a thin self adhesive felt, like mole skin? Do you find that other epson printers cause this to happen with the transparency film, where you have to use the felt whenever printing on the portorico film? It doesn’t sound like the rollers are causing the score lines, but ridges on the platen that the film runs over.

Thank You, Joe