Phatte Black

I have been using cone k3 vivid ink in refillable carts for a long time now. I am using a epson 4880 printer. It has no Matt black channel. I am interested in printing on some cotton rag papers. I am looking at image print 10 and read up on the Phatte Black profiles they make. Matt black ink is put in a light light black cart and the printer still thinks it has LL lblack installed. The rip and profile will now allow you to print with a matte black ink without changing back to photo black.
Wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Image print does not make a modified cart for the 4880 but with refillable carts, i dont see why it would not work. I am seeking information from Image Print as well as anyone with some insight on this matter. thanks

I used one of these printers a long time ago. This system increases your highlight metamerism (color shifting) as well as noise in the neutrals.

I suggest switching the printer to MK directly.