Phatt Black option


I am using K3 Vivid inkset on an Epson 4880. I am printing thru Image Print 10. Image Print offers a printing option called “Phatt Black”. Because Image Print has done some magic with their engine and profiles, one can put matt black in the Light Light black channel. The printer still thinks it is loaded with LLBlack. This allows for printing on matt paper without changing out the PK Black with the Matt Black.
My question is for anyone who might be doing the same thing, i was wondering if anyone has putting in the new HD Matt black instead of the Matt black/


It would work. It may make your shadows appear quite dark in the darkest area, but in general will actually increase your shadow separation.



I am using the profiles provided by Image Print. I am not sure if the magic behind the Phatt Black option is all in the profile or is it all or part of how the image print drivers change things up. I am wondering if i will have to profile myself if i put the HD Matt in the LLK channel. With regular matt black it works It fine however the engineers did it, but everybody could use a little richer blacks.


Part of why the ImagePrint system lacks “strong” blacks is that their ICC profiles are actually a proprietary way of making more “linear” profiles (meaning more open shadows). If you don’t have points in your blacks are that near 100% black then you will see your shadows go lighter than with normal ICCs. The best way to get good blacks with ImagePrint profiles (other than with a stronger K ink to start) is to also make sure you soft-proof with those profiles and then manually tune your blacks a but darker.

I bet you that it’s not the ICC that is mapping the K to the LLK. I bet it’s in the ImagePrint rip itself that the re-mapping is happening. In that case, you would be able to build your own ICC if needed. Most likely you won’t need a different ICC though.



Yes, i think you are correct in you assumption regarding the mapping of the K to LLK.
I have been using Cone pigment ink for a good while now. Many years ago, i was a beta tester for something called “Nanachrome”. It was a encapsulated dye ink. I had great luck with beautiful color prints. Too many folks complained of premature fading, and the company went under. I still have prints that look great.
I just read about Cone dye inks. Because at this time, i am completely empty of inks, i have been tossing around the idea of trying the Cone dye ink. What do you think.


The dye inks are certainly good. They are not archival per-se but as long as you protect them they will last.