PF motor overcurrent (00010002) Error (9600 Printer)

I own a 9600 Epson UltraChrome Pro printer I got second hand and was functioning with no errors. However, I had to perform a chip sensor assembly repair because one of the contact wires broke off due to an unglued chip on my light black refillable cart. I was under the impression the repair I performed to replace the chip sensor assembly was successful because I was no longer getting the missing cartridge red light error on the panel. However, after further testing using my new refillable carts I am now presented with a new error that seems to be very bad. Currently the display panel on my 9600 printer is lighting up like a Christmas tree and prompting the message shown below in photo:

“Service Req - 00010002”

Upon researching the Epson Service Manual I find out a 00010002 Error translates to a “Paper Feed motor overcurrent (00010002)”

The Service Repair manual mentions the following remedies:

• Replace the PF Motor (p.185).
• Replace the PF motor extension cable
• Replace the MAIN Board (C472 MAIN) (p.207).

I am hoping to get advice on what is the best way to move forward with this problem. Is it better to first replace the mother board and then the PF motor (if necessary) or should I first repair the the Paper Feed Motor followed by the mother board? What will be the smarter approach? Also, does anyone out there know of a good source where such parts can be obtained at a reasonable price? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Hi Ivan~

When I check the Epson repair manual for this error, it says “PF (Paper Feed) Motor Overcurrent”
I’ve never seen this error before, so have no experience with it. I have attached the relevant pages from the Epson repair manual, explaining the error, and showing where the PF Motor is located in your printer (left side).
Based on this, I suggest checking the PF Loop Scale (above the PF Motor, connected by a rubber belt), and all electrical connections that you took apart when working on your printer recently. If you have a tester, check the resistance on the PF Motor.

Best~ Dana

I recommend getting replacement printer parts from Compass Micro, but know Epson stopped making replacement parts for the 7600/9600 printer models, so they’re limited on what they can get anymore.