Persistent dark thin line that won't go away 7800

I can’t seem to clear up this dark horizontal thin line. I’ve got what seem to be good nozzle checks, I’ve aligned, changed paper types, restarted computer and printer, cleaned capping station and wiper but I can’t seem to fix this.

Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?

I’m attaching pictures that can speak better to it than my writing about it.

This seems to me to be a head voltage signal delay. Aka, the ribbon cable has corrosion. You need to clean the ribbon cable ends as they go into the print-head.


Thanks so much for the reply! Do you know if there is a link to directions somewhere that can suggest how to do that? I’d love to get this printer up and running.

The Epson Wide Format group at has the maintenance manual in the files section when you are a member,.

Warmest regards

Thanks for the help, Walker!