Pb with ink flooding and high density with blacks on Pro 3880 digital negative film

Hello Dana,

i just sent this mail to Wells and he told me to put it also for you on this forum.
I couldn’t upload the files…did not manage to do it but Wells told me he was gonna make them follow to you.

i performed a nozzle check (you can see the picture of it in the mail) I also join you 2 pictures of a positive (one with the right QTR profile for the paper used to print on it Img 2291 and another one Img 2292 where i used the QTR profile PZDN-X800Meth3-1_8v2.quad that i use for the print of a negative on digital transparent film for platinum where you can see the major problems even though it is not film.
I have no problem printing the positive the result is good (img 2291) and very close to matching my image on my monitor but regarding the digital negative it is a total different matter.(see below)
I have a few questions:
What do you think of those results?
Do you know Permajet transfer film (it is the one i use)? I read a review of David Chow where he says it is identical to Pictorico.
When i print on transparent film, i use the PZDN-X800Meth3-1_8v2.quad QTR profile but the contrast and the density is super high and the black becomes opaque to light!!
There is also a major problem of flooding or a very large quantity of black ink on the negative (too much) So it takes around 10 min to dry after printing. Do you think it is normal?

thanks very much for your help
Paul Steinitz

Hi Paul~

Wells forwarded me your email with info and photos, which I have attached here to keep information together. Your nozzle check confirms inks are installed in the correct positions.
For instructions on how to attach images to this forum, please go here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?152-How-to-attach-images-to-this-forum

With the hybrid K7 matte and Meth 3 setup, you will need to use “P2” matte curves for regular matte positive printing and “P2M-PZDN” curves for digital negatives. Please read here for more information, and to download the necessary curves needed for this setup: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?165-Piezography-2-Matte-and-Gloss-for-K3-printer-models

Permajet film not identical to Pictorico film. For making color ink negatives with Precision color it works well enough - was slightly different according to the article, but it can not hold as much ink as our curves lay down…
so its not supported.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: