Parameters for Gloss Overcoat application

When I printed PiezoBW years ago, there was no Gloss Overcoat.

Under what parameters is the GO designed to be used? Is this designed to create a glossy B&W on matte paper or as a coating to prevent inks on glossy paper from creating localized surface reflection differentials?

Hi Cincinnati~

PiezoBW was once a matte only system, since Piezography K7 gloss was introduced, the use of Gloss Overprint is necessary when printing on any gloss, baryta, satin, or other non-matte paper surface. GO will not turn a matte paper glossy, it is only designed to be used on glossy papers. Please read the Piezography manual for detailed information about Piezography gloss printing, which can be downloaded from the Piezography website, here:

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: