Paper Thickness, Paper Suction, Platen Gap_Epson7880_Setting

I am quite new on Piezograhy, having started with the Pro inks.

I’ve been trying to set up the printer, Epson 7880, to get the best results.

I use normal BRAYTA papers. I am wondering how I should set the “Paper Thickness”, “Paper Suction”, “Platen Gap”.

Also wondering if there any other setting I need to consider to get get best results.

If someone could help, I would be very appreciative of it.

Set Platen gap to standard/normal.

Set paper suction to normal.

Set paper type to Epson Premium Luster (not sheet).


How about the paper thickness?

I was also wondering if there are any ways to check whether or not the setting is best match to certain type of paper.


If you make a custom paper setting, you can always do a Thickness Test print and this will set the paper thickness setting perfect for that paper.

It’s under the options when making a custom paper in the printer manual.


On the thickness test with Canson Baryta Photographique, the “1” and “2” are almost identical and I still can see slight gap on the both number. How I should consider it? Should I chose just “Standard” in this case.

I was also wondering how I should set “Drying Time”.