Paper profiles K7-Sel/4900/OSX10.10.3 QTR/Print tool

Sorry to ask this but I could not find these profiles previously covered. Below are some papers that I have leftover from color printing and I would like to use them. If nothing else to get me through the learning curve. What preloaded curves would be the closest match to the following papers.

Epson Premium Luster (resin-coated)(260)

Hahnemuhle Monet Canvas (410)

Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas (400)

Museo Silver Rag gloss (325) / I see there is a 4900-CAR-MuseoSilverRag

I have printed on:
Epson Exhibition Fiber with profile MPS-K7EPexhibitFiber
Epson Hot Press Bright White with profile X-900-K7HANphotoRagBW
Epson Velvet Fine Art with profile X900-K7EpsonVFA

If there are better profiles for these please let me know.

Greatly appreciate any help with this.

Hi Jay~

The glossy curves we have available can be downloaded here:
You can test a paper with a curve for a similar paper if a curve for the specific paper you’re using isn’t available, but if you’re not totally satisfied with the results, we can make custom curves to optimize results for your specific setup and paper(s).

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana


I used the Epson Exhibition Fiber Channel for the Epson Premium Luster and it looks great… Have not tried any of the canvas yet.

I think the 4900-CAR-MuseoSilverRag will work for the Museo Silver Rag with Selenium K7 inks.

Thank you for your reply,

You are very welcome, I’m glad your prints are looking great!

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana