Paper Print with PiezoDN/Ultra HD Matte Back

I have PiezoDN inks installed on my printer for printing digital negatives.

I want to print a few matte photos on heavy weight fine art paper. I know that I can make prints with this setup as well. Its not necessary for this project that I go through complicated calibration”linearization process for these prints like would for DN. These are not exhibition prints just need to get something in the ball park without too much effort. Whats the best way to output a quick print? Should i just use one of appropriate icc profiles for my printer R3000 that are available on your website or these only for Piezo Pro Color inks? Can I print through Photoshop or do I need to print through Print Tool?

Will this work with my inkset? When printing on paper with my PiezoDN inkset does it only use the UltraHD matte inks or will it use other inks as well.? Do I need to limit the inks being used when printing in paper?

Would appreciate your help

Printing manual

On the Mac you can use the Piezography Matte icc profile to print with (instead of “no color management”. It comes with the Piezo community edition. On pc you need to follow the soft proofing workflow.


I read the links you sent but I am still a bit confused as there are several options described through links and inkjetmall site.

I’m trying to print on Heavy Weight Matte Paper (Arista II Natural White Heavy Weight). I have r3000 and PiezoDN Warm Neutral(P2?) inks installed. I’m not trying to get perfect exhibition print but standard profiles are clipping highlights and are not too close to original. I found several different workflows for printing through link you sent on inkjetmall site. Which of following options would you recommend?

  1. (I think this is what you you were suggesting) Print through Print Tool with printer selected as Epson Stylus Photo R3000 and following settings:


  1. Print through Print Tool with printer QuadR3000-HDP2 with nearest available paper curve (epson Cold Press)


  1. Print through Photoshop with printer selected as Epson Style Photo R3000 and following settings:


and nearest available icc profile (Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte)


Which of these do you recommend?


Do the first (Piezography) workflow not a color printer workflow. All of this is in the manual . . . .