Paper feeding issue on a 3880

Issue with loading any kind of paper, other than plain sheets, for printing. Constant load errors. Rear feed gives a paper driver error, so will not accept any paper loaded, unless it is Epson paper. Pro inks installed.

Although the 3880 has been the most reliable feeding printer I have ever had, I still use printer feed rubber wheel cleaning solution to keep the feed rollers tacky. The horrible Canon Pixma Pro-1 A3+ printer I have at my UK base, will basically feed nothing except gloss paper, unless I have cleaned the feed rollers that day. The other thing to check would be the patten gap on your 3880. You may have it set too narrow, hence it is very fussy on feeding.


What Wilson said is correct.

If you are doing rear-feed, first choose rear-feed in QuadtoneRIP, then when you feed the paper into the printer, push it all the way into the rear feed slot until it stops (this is pretty far and you should do it fairly fast). After the paper stops (it is resting on the intake rollers) you have about 3 seconds to flush the paper (square it off) along the rollers so it won’t go in at an angle. Hold the paper with slight forward pressure until the paper is sucked in by the printer.


Thank you for the info - I will attempt to clean the primary feed roller w/ distilled water, see what that does. Platen gap is set to Standard, changing it to Wide didn’t help at all. I will look into getting some printer feed rubber cleaning solution if the water doesn’t do it. Am trying to avoid using isopropyl alcohol. Sad - was working great on the test prints I was doing, then rapidly went down hill - took (2) hours to print out 9 linearization sheets for the papers I am calibrating for! Push comes to shove, I either find a way to replace the rollers or take it to the Epson repair shop in Weymouth.