Paper feed rollers, cleaning (Epson x600)



What are you guys using for cleaning the paper feed rollers ? I’ve noticed that sometimes on my larger prints I get artifacts that I assume come from the paper feed mechanism (there’s nowhere else it could come from unless Canson are selling dirty rolls)…

I’m on Epson 7600, using Canson Baryta (this case refers to 24" roll paper).




Alcohol wipes work great for cleaning the rubber paper rollers. I have also taken a large scrap sheet of paper, fed it into the printer, then sprayed it with Windex so it was damp , and fed it thru the printer so the rollers rolled across the wet paper- do this a few times, then dry the rollers also works.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:



So basically Isopropyl Alcohol applied with something that preferably does not leave any residue…




yes, exactly :slight_smile: