Paper feed error

I have a 9880 that has been printing great with K7 inks, Inkjet Mall carts, and Studio Print, until I got a PAPER ERROR, LOAD PAPER CORRECTLY message.

The issue started in the past couple weeks with the paper occasionally not being cut completely. I replace the cutter blade but the paper was still cutting roughly or incompletely. I then got the PAPER ERROR, LOAD PAPER CORRECTLY message about a week later. Restarting the printer and resetting the paper several times has not fixed the problem. I haves cleaned the rollers and made sure there is no paper jammed in the printer. I am getting no other error messages.

If I switch the printer menu from roll paper with cutter to roll paper with no cutter, I don’t get the message and the printer goes through its start up cycle and is ready to print. But, when i print a nozzle check or image, the printer does not advance the paper. For instance, the text on the nozzle check will be printed right over the nozzle check.

I replace the cutter solenoid with one from my 9800, but that did not fix the problem.

Do you have any suggestion about what I should try next?


Drew Harty

Hi Drew,

It sounds like a sensor issue and these parts are readily available from Compass Micro. You can try and call them to see if they can make suggestions as to what in the printer is sensing paper askew or possible not there… What you described is that one of the methods is using a particular sensor and one is not. So they should narrow it down to a part that you can replace. (i hope!)