Paper Feed Adjustment - how to read the targets

Hi there,

I have been trying to adjust manually the paper feed adjustment for the Pictorico Ultra Pro and my 9900.
I have created a custom paper on the LCD panel, gone to Paper Feed Adjustment and selected “print the target”. This is what I have obtained:

Q: How one should read this printed pattern? I am supposed to choose one value for each letter… what is the idea?

Otherwise, I have also tried using the Custom Paper Set up from the Epson LPF Remote Panel 2, going to Paper Feed Adjustment Details, selecting a range (from -0.70 to 0.70) and then allowing the printer to print a series of 5 set of patches with different advancement values. To my surprise, I did find all results to be the same, with no white banding or black banding in any of them… ??

Q: How are you guys choosing the right value for the Paper Feed Adjustment for Pictorico paper?



The darker patches are better.

By printing tons of actual negatives with actual images on film. It’s a time-consuming thing. That said, your conversion to Pro ink and the driver will help (basically it will eliminate and introduced micro-banding that came from QTR in the past and this printer model in the present). I really do suggest you apply for the driver. I already gave you the link in previous posts but here it is again: Piezography Driver - Piezography

The reason why I require application is so that I get your contact info and so that you read the page and requirements of being a beta tester.


Is there a chance that one day we might see the new driver on Win?

Considering that it’s a fork of Gutenprint and CUPS, this is unlikely until there are more developments regarding an actual UI. It’s *nix only through and through (Windows does not support CUPS or PPDs).

But others have ported Gutenprint to Windows so I am investigating. Don’t hold your breath though.


Pity, but not surprising. Thanks.