Paper Feed Adjustment - how to read the targets

The darker patches are better.

By printing tons of actual negatives with actual images on film. It’s a time-consuming thing. That said, your conversion to Pro ink and the driver will help (basically it will eliminate and introduced micro-banding that came from QTR in the past and this printer model in the present). I really do suggest you apply for the driver. I already gave you the link in previous posts but here it is again: Piezography Driver | Piezography

The reason why I require application is so that I get your contact info and so that you read the page and requirements of being a beta tester.


Hi there,

I have been trying to adjust manually the paper feed adjustment for the Pictorico Ultra Pro and my 9900.
I have created a custom paper on the LCD panel, gone to Paper Feed Adjustment and selected “print the target”. This is what I have obtained:

Q: How one should read this printed pattern? I am supposed to choose one value for each letter… what is the idea?

Otherwise, I have also tried using the Custom Paper Set up from the Epson LPF Remote Panel 2, going to Paper Feed Adjustment Details, selecting a range (from -0.70 to 0.70) and then allowing the printer to print a series of 5 set of patches with different advancement values. To my surprise, I did find all results to be the same, with no white banding or black banding in any of them… ??

Q: How are you guys choosing the right value for the Paper Feed Adjustment for Pictorico paper?



Is there a chance that one day we might see the new driver on Win?

Pity, but not surprising. Thanks.

Considering that it’s a fork of Gutenprint and CUPS, this is unlikely until there are more developments regarding an actual UI. It’s *nix only through and through (Windows does not support CUPS or PPDs).

But others have ported Gutenprint to Windows so I am investigating. Don’t hold your breath though.