Paper Effects Piezography Ink Tone

Many different effects can be achieved with one Piezography ink tone, by simply printing on different papers.

If you’re searching for paper(s) to use, we recommend getting sample packs of different papers, such as JonCone Studio, Canson, Hahnemuhle, Inkpress, etc… and Awagami if you’re interested in using beautiful Japanese papers (we LOVE them).
At Cone Editions Press studio, we have “paper evaluation” 3-ring binders including Piezography and Cone Color prints on different papers, so artists can easily choose paper(s) they wish to use, comparing paper brightness or warmth, surface smoothness or texture, etc… All the Piezography prints in the binders were made with Special Edition ink tone, so someone can compare test prints on different papers, to clearly see how the results vary.

Below is an example of the same image printed with Piezography Special Edition inks on the LEFT and pure Carbon on the RIGHT, Type 2 rag paper on top and Type 5 gloss on the bottom. Note how much more the ink tone is accentuated on Type 5 paper compared to Type 2, this is generally true with gloss vs. matte or rag papers (not just our JonCone Studio papers).

Any thought to update these sample books for Piezo Pro inksets?

Yeah. I have a long draft post for to happen at some point in future.

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