Panel on side of refillable cartage popped off 7900- Should I replace the cart?

After refilling a cartridge on my 7900 I had a problem sliding it back into the machine. I had used a little force trying to get it in and had a bit of a problem getting it back out to see what the issue was. There was a side panel that was still in the printer and some small broken plastic pieces in the track where the cart slide in. I put the panel back on (although not as securely as it was probably supposed to be) and put it back in the machine without issue. Should I order a replacement cart or is the panel not a big issue? Here is a photo of a cart with the panel in the blue rectangle. ! cart%20problem|700x354

You don’t need to replace the side panel. Just be careful with the cartridge or duct-tape over that area to protect the plastic film tubing that is now exposed.