P9000 VM channel issue

Printer was running great last week. This week when I noticed a bad VM during nozzle check, I ran a cleaning cycle and the channel looked clean… but the print did not look right. Ran another nozzle check and it was spotty again. This has continued to be the cycle for 3 days now. Bad nozzle check, cleaning cycle, good nozzle check, incorrect print, bad nozzle check.

I’ve done heavy cleaning cycles and rested the printhead over a piezoflush soaked towel, a swab cleaning of the wiper blades etc… but I cannot keep the VM channel consistently good. Any clues out there?

hmm, this generally indicates air in the lines from an improperly primed cart on this printer. You may need to prime the cart (make sure it’s full of ink!) and run 1x power cleaning on that channel to get things going.


Yep… I actually did this twice… same results… also there is intermittently a light fog of VM spray around dark areas… if that helps to identify the issue.

Please share photos.