P900 Pro Curve Pre-release

These are the P700 and P900 Pro Curves pre-release.

These new printers are not available in the US because China has gone against consumer protection laws and deactivated refillable cartridge solutions. But Piezography can work in the EU and South East Asia models. If you want to use Piezography, get one of those from overseas and import it into the US. You use blank non-chipped carts + the OEM chips from a full set of (non starter) ink cartridges to get going. The chip resetter for this printer will reset the OEM chips and the printers that are not from North America will access the reset chip.

P900-Pro.zip (345.5 KB)

Working on the P7/P9 printers for US. Fingers crossed.


Any plans for PiezoDN (Pro inks) support for the EU/SE Asia versions of the SC-P900?

thank you.

yeah, I’ll update PiezoDN soon with the curves.


Thank you. I assume this release uses the 9 ink pro set plus flush? Do you know if there are plans to update the inkjetmall site for piezography ink kits for this printer?

I am a Piezo user in Japan. Is it possible to use the P900 sold in Japan with Piezo?