P8000 dormant for 6 weeks

I will be traveling for 6 weeks, and if I can return from India in perfect working order, I would like to find my P8000 in a similar state. How should I prepare the printer for this dormant period?

Printer is less than two years old, used at least weekly for printing large color images on canvas and I’ve had zero maintenance problems to date. Only maintenance since purchase: nozzle checks before each printing session, with only very occasional one color clogs that were rectified with a simple dual cart cleaning.

On this printer keep it on and set it to do periodic cleanings.


Walker, thanks so much!! I am chagrinned to recall a constant admonition from our instructors in Navy Flight School: when all else fails, read the(*#@!!&) manual …!!

Until I can get back to the P8000 next week, if i may impose on your expertise again: if I set the “Periodic” cycle to once a week, is that often enough or do you suggest more often;
is a roll required for Periodic checks;
when the printer senses a clog, does it self clean until the clog is unclogged;
after a few self cleanings for a stubbornly clogged nozzle, what if it doesn’t register unclogged?

Thanks again, and for replying so quickly.


once a week is good. It will do max 3 cleanings on the channel pair before it registered an unsuccessful clog though.


Thanks again, Walker.