P800 Printer Error after changing carts

I wanted to flush the MK channel on my P800 fitted with the Piezography decoder board. I swapped out the UltraHD Matte Black cartridge with another cart (MK) that I had filled with Piezoflush. When I try to print the print queue in Windows shows the file ready to print but then “Error printing”. Sometimes repeating this shows a popup window “Cannot print - printer is in error mode.” I have rebooted everything, the computer, printer, decoder board, and replaced the orginal cart. The printer seems stuck in error mode. What did I do and how do I get out of it?

Does the printer itself say Error? If not, my hunch is that it’s a problem with your printer driver or OS.

Because there is nothing going through the cartridge area (this is bypassed to the board) nothing changed on the printer by taking out a cartridge and replacing it with any other cartridge.


The printer itself showed no error on its LCD screen and I could print nozzle checks.

But, here is another wierd thing. This morning I turned on the printer and the error was spontaneously gone and I could print. BUT, the ink levels on all the carts had been reset to 100% full. The only thing that I did was turn off the printer - the computer
and the decoder board were left on and I did not work on the computer after I turned off the printer. For now, I’m afraid this is probably one of those irreproducible mysteries. But, have you ever seen the carts to be spontaneously reset to 100% (and I am
sure no one touched the decoder card).

This could have been caused by a power fluctuation to the board. You can keep the board unplugged during normal operation and just plug it in when you need to reset the chips.