P800 ink replacement issue

I’m transitioning my Piezography Pro to a new P800 (purchased new in June) and after running the initial set up carts to verify that the printer functions correctly (it does) I installed the chipless solution software and verified that it too is running as expected, i.e. all carts show full. I installed new carts with PF to clean out the lines in preparation for the PPro. Per the instructions, I paid for and downloaded the Epson Adjustment program via 2 Manuals to do the initial ink fill and it does not work. I have emailed them and have not received a response yet. Anyone have any idea of how to push the ink through since the P800 does not indicate an option for a power clean?

  1. make sure you have the P800 driver installed.
  2. Make sure you can print to it and it’s connected by USB.
  3. Run the software (at this point it should connect).

However, if all else fails, run 4x heavy cleanings on the printer and it should flush to Piezo ok.


I have done all 3 of the items you list. I have run a number of the ink calibration charts from QRT in addition to 4 heavy print head cleanings (2 each for the PK & MK inks) to push PF into the lines. I did a nozzle check on each (PK & MK) and now see nothing but perfectly printed pink nozzle checks.
This is the error message I get when I go to launch the program.

“The code execution cannot proceed because EprisDrv.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem”.

In the zip file I received, I clicked on the EpsonServiceProgram.exe and got that message. In the download I received included (among other items) Epris02.ini, EprisDrv.dll, and EpsonServiceProgram.exe.
I have sent 2 emails now and haven’t heard back from 2 Manuals.

I got it all worked out now. Just forgot to extract the files. Everything works as promised. My P800 is chippless and I did an initial fill with PF. Piezography Pro goes in tomorrow after I clean out the maintenance tank.

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