P800 ink placement

I am in the process of transitioning from a 4800 to a new P800 with Piezography Pro. I am nearing the end of running the installation carts that came with the printer, so I know that it functions as expected. I’m expecting the replacement carts for PF and new PPro inks in the next day or 2. I plan on going the chipless route. I have looked but I cannot find a chart showing the shade placements of the PiezoPro ink for the P800. Is there a chart and how do I locate it? The version of the community manual I have is 2016 v.3. If there is a newer version, please let me know. Thanks!

Really. No one has an answer?


Piezography Manual > Reference Links > select your printer > see the chart



Thanks for the information. For some reason the “PRO” info wasn’t showing until today. So I take it the the HD Matt black & Photo black occupy the same positions as the regular ink set?