P800 Gaps in Nozzle Check: How much is too much?

After doing a decent amount of printing with PK photo black, I switched to MK matte black ink. I ran a nozzle check and had 2 consecutive gaps for MK. I printed about 10 pages of letter-sized prints and do not see any banding. Next, 2 gaps appeared in the vivid magenta. I ran a utility cleaning and waited 30 minutes and the nozzle check had the same 2 MK gaps, but the vivid magenta went from 2 to 4 gaps.

I’m going to print a couple of 17x22" prints soon so this printer will not be idle in the near future.

Considering that I am unable to detect banding, should I run another cleaning? Or is 2-4 gaps not going to make a visible difference? Or should I try to get rid of all the gaps before the problem gets worse? Maybe clean with piezoflush on paper towels under the heads as shown in the inkjetmall video?

Did you prime your carts properly? If so this is just normal stuff. Run a single power cleaning on all channels and the air in the dampers will be pulled. Air collects in dampers and needs to be purged out every once and awhile.

All good

Yes, they are primed properly, but I primarily print with PK and waited to long before switching to MK.

I’ll run another clean as you suggested. Thanks!