P800 error 0x1404 after installing Decoder Board

Hi All,
Installed a new p800 decoder board with all new refillable cartridges (full) I follow the instructions on the tutorial video but after turning on the printer received this error :

Printer Error.
Turn the power off and on again for details see the documentation.
Error 0x1404

Help please !
Thanks :slight_smile:

Put in the Epson OEM carts (keep the board connected etc) and turn the printer on. If there is no error, put the carts in 1 at a time (lifting and closing the ink lid each time). You may have a pressure release issue.


Hi Walker,
Thanks , I will try this and let you know.

I forgot to mention that I only get the error when order to print something including a test page, otherwise the printer is turned on without error and all the cartridges showing full level of ink.

You need to test it anyway with the Epson cartridges as this is a pump pressure error.