P800 causing black ink smears

Of late my P800 has intermittently been causing black ink smears at the trailing edge of the print, at the edge of the print area. I’ve had the printer for years and this has not happened before. The only thing that is different now is that Epson has slightly decreased the weight of Exhibition Fiber, not a change that they ever announced but I could feel the difference and confirmed it by weighing it. Anyway, I have Advanced Media Control set at Wide for Platen Gap and +5 for Paper Thickness, as Epson advised when I first bought the printer. No idea if those have any bearing on the problem.

Any advice would be much appreciated!



Hello Andrew. The Epson paper may have a wave in it. If the problem persists you might call some of the service centers around the country. You can get the names and phone numbers from the Epson web site. I’ve called some over the years for excellent advice. And it’s free.

This paper is actually Innova paper that is private labeled through Epson. They change it often. QC is not so good. But I think this is more to do with a very dirty head that is dragging gunk. Time for some maintenance.


Thanks, Walker. I didn’t know that paper was now being made by Innova, though I had read about trouble Epson was having with various factories in Germany and Switzerland. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find another paper I like as much.


Exhibition Fiber has been Innova from the start.

Epson does not make its own paper.