P800 cartridge leaking

Hey Walker,

My P800 set up with Piezo had a problem not printing out of the VM cartridge. I thought it might just have been that the cartridge was empty so when I went to fill it, I noticed that it was leaking from the bottom. Also, inside the printer, the little white absorbent material where the ink goes in was totally black. In the other bays, the strip is white.

Should I replace the cartridge?


These carts have internal film/barrier that can be damaged if a package is dropped in shipping or if the cart is dropped or banged in some way. Yes, you have a leak.

Do you have the sales order # for me to look up? I can see if it’s still under warranty.

tldr: You will need a new cart.


It has been a while. I just ordered a Piezoflush kit. I am trying to prepare the printers for being unused for a bit because of University closure due to Corona virus. I haven’t received the Piezoflush kit but just today received Shade 4 that I filled the empty cartridge with. So, in short, it was probably two years ago that I purchased these cartridges.

I don’t mind buying one if I can just get the VM cartridge and not have to purchase a new kit.



The account is for Colorado Mesa University if that helps. Just this week, I purchased the new flush kit and a bottle of Shade 4 Neutral.

Trying to order one but I keep getting an internal server error 500. Will I need to replace the little white pad inside the printer where the cartridge connects?

cheers and stay safe!


I keep getting that error when I try to add to cart. I will just call.



You can most likely just put paper towel in there to take some of the excess from the white pad.

Please let me know what page you got he error on. (Screenshot) or try a different browser (google chrome, etc)