P7000 and one-time-use chips outside USA

I’m running a P7080, located in Hong Kong, so I’m wondering what the situation is with chips for IJM carts.

I’ve just bought a single cart for the LK channel, which is the first channel where the OEM ink level has run low enough to need replacing. My intention is to replace the OEM carts with IJM carts on a channel-by-channel basis as it becomes necessary.

I’ve read through all the info and instructions but the only mention of using IJM carts outside the USA I could find was in this article: About Our High Density Black Inks - “… these P printers are locked in the USA against use with 3rd party carts. The same printers are not locked in Europe and Asia. You can read more about that here.” I’d love to, but there’s no link coded into that text …

So, I now have my first IJM cart with its associated ‘one-time-use’ chip. Will this chip be resettable when it comes time to refill the cart? Has anyone had direct experience of this outside of the USA?

And thinking ahead … can I reset OEM chips for Orange and Green channels if I replace OEM carts with IJM?

I believe you can get resettable chips in Hong Kong area for your printer. No need for ours.