P6000 clogged LK channel


I have been trying to clear what I thought was a clogged channel without any luck. I’ve tried the piezoflush/bounty printhead cleaning routine several times (thanks for the very clear video) as well as replacing the wiper blade assembly. The capping station looks fine though I have also gently cleaned that with piezoflush. After all this, the nozzle check still prints like this:

P6000 nozzle check

Is there anything else I can try to unclog it, or is the printhead dead?

This is a de-laminated channel (not a clog). This is a classic problem on these printers. It is not fixable. The head needs to be replaced along with the dampers (ink selector unit) and cleaning assembly (pump and cap).


Oh no! That’s bad news :frowning:

Thanks for replying so quickly, Walker.