P600, trying to get air out of ink line, NOT MK/PK line

Not sure you ever got any resolution to your problem.

I have been trouble-shooting and have come to the conclusion that my LLK is not printing due to air in the lines. (Why? I have the large carts and unknowingly the plug got jammed against the air intake port underneath the cart cover.)

I bought the 2manuals adjustment program to initiate an Initial Fill but it does not work if the chips in your p600 carts are saying you don’t have enough ink, even if you do. I was so compulsive about not letting the carts get low that I guess some never did a proper reset. (I may be confused, but that is my understanding, anyhow.)

I am trying to learn what to do next. I took apart the printer (easy) and hoped to see a way to inject ink into the lines, or suction it from the working end. It’s not obvious that you can do it. Anyone have experience with this?

I could save the printer for a future remap and install Piezo Inks, but right now my p800 is working just great with the Piezo set.

Just thinking…what would happen if I bought a new set of chips?

Any other ideas?