P600 CISS Low MK and Low PK levels

Been using the CISS with CC inks for a few months now and love it. I print a lot of B&W using both MK and PK. Now both of them are getting low (for the first time). The printer is on MK and I tried switching to PK. The P600 display said “Ink Level Too Low To change cartridge. Replace Cartridge”

So do I keep printing with MK until the chip says empty, open cover, remove/replace sensor key, then close cover to reset the MK chip. Then switch to PK, print until it is empty, then repeat reset procedure as above?

Thanks in advance.

See the warning in red on this product page. You will need to use your OEM PK cartridge (or a new backup PK chip from us) to switch to PK.



so should I keep printing with MK until it resets? (I don’t need to print with the PK right now, it can wait)

or should I put the OEM PK cart in and switch to PK? If I do this with the OEM cart, after the ink is switched do I then put the CISS cart back in immediately? Then when I want to go back to using MK and keep printing until it resets?


It’s not able to switch to PK because there is too low PK level on the chip (as this red warning states). When switching from MK to PK it doesn’t use any MK, only PK. Like I said, you need a chip. Only way to switch to PK if/when you want to.