P600 Ciss issue with ink flow



I have been having problems with the ink flowing in the Ciss system. After a head cleaning it prints two great prints then I lose color.
I have the inks at a good level with the printer, the air tabs on the ink tanks are open and filled. I have sent two printers back to Epson before I realized it was the ciss system.

Also I see some air in the ciss system how do I purge it.
Please help.


Dear Jane. Can you upload a picture of the CISS system, where it is placed next to the printer, as well as a few of the cartridges? I’d like to see if there is air in the cartridges. It sounds like an air issue.



Hello Walker,
I have tried to attach image but that icon didn’t work. I tried to copy and paste and the image would not appear. Please tell me how to upload the image.
Thank you,


I’ll just email you so you can send me slightly higher res images via email.