P400 waste ink tank

Yes. Same procedure


My waste ink tank arrived today. Would the video for installing a waste ink bottle/tank on the small format printer be the same procedure on the P400?


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And would the same product work on my wife’s P600?


I assume your question is for Walker or one of the other technical specialists. As I am just a customer and user of this forum I would suggest that you post a new topic and I am certain Walker will reply promptly. I only say this as you have posted earlier today and no response yet. From what I know from my research today that the P600 is along the lines of the R3000 and it would probably work as to following those instructions. But since I am not a tech expert I can not say for sure. So please don’t try and install waste tank based off of my assumption. Please post so that Walker can see your inquiry.

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Yes, the same procedure will also work on the P600 (same as R3000),