P400 inks on IJM web shop?


I’ve been contacted by someone looking to buy a printer for Piezography, and who is considering the P400. However the IJM web shop, under shop by printer, only lists cartridges for the P400 and not inks. This person seemed to be put off by this. My understanding is that this printer could use any of the Piezo inks. It’s a later version of the R1900 & R2000 and so could use their curves. My view is that you could also remap K3 curves for the P400 (although in the past this has been branded by Jon as “experimental” - it works nontheless).

Why are inks not listed?


The print-head is different and noticeably micro-lines (to us at least) with QuadtoneRIP (on gloss papers mainly). We are building an entirely new driver to allow for small format sure color printing (P400, P600, P800) that does not micro-line. Roy does not want to update QuadtoneRIP’s code.

In short, if they get carts they can use the R2000 curves for matte. They may see micro-lines with both matte and/or gloss papers however.



I thought the micro-lining with these surecolor printers was only with digital negs? Is it really that big an issue when printing on paper at 2880?


Yes. It is.



Pring at what resolution; 720ppi, 1440ppi, 2880ppi?


Well. 2880 is what Piezo is always printed at.

But we see micro-lines with all resolutions.