P400 cartridge leaking from the ink outlet

I recently filled a brand new set of P400 carts with piezography ink. After using about half the ink I decided to top off all the cartridges, rather than run the risk of getting “ink out” errors in the middle of a print. Whether or not you agree my topping off strategy , please read on!

When I pulled the PK cartridge, it dripped slowly from the ink outlet. This probably means the spring-loaded valve was stuck in the open position. I topped the cartridge off as quickly as possible and put it back in. I hope this was not a foolish thing to do. Should I have replaced the cart with a new one? None of the other carts dripped.

I haven’t notice any ill effects. I got a good nozzle check after two head cleanings.

The next time I pull the PK (or any cart that drips), should I replace it if it drips?

What might cause an almost-new cart to drip through the ink outlet? Defective cart? Or defective handling?

I would replace the cartridge. I haven’t seen any of the nearly 500 carts I’ve used drip fyi.


If it drips next time I pull it, I will replace it. For now, it seems to be doing just fine. Any idea what could have caused it? It did not drip during the initial fill.