P400/600 vs new P700/P900?

This again?

My R2000 is a major PIA to keep printing, and as I’m running out of my stash of ebay carts I’m considering just replacing it before dumping in more money and my time fixing clog after clog. I would either do OEM color or try Cone’s color.

The P400/600 line has an interesting color line that uses red and orange, but you lose lt. cyan and lt. magenta. I like the great warm colors, as I print artwork.

The new line, P700/900 goes back to the lt. C and lt. M but no red or orange, instead…violet. Is this better?

So… are the new line better for colors and better on print quality/clogging?

Eventually (when there’s money) I will go back to large format, pro printers. The P5000 has a good set of colors, no red but orange and green.

I case you’re not aware, according to Jon Cone, It may be years Cone can develop inks or cart solutions for the P700/P900. If you can find a P600 or P800 you’ll be able to utilize Cone carts and inks.

Thank you. I thought they were making progress on bypassing the Epson obstructions.

I would still like to hear any thoughts on the relative value of the printers with OEM ink, including the P5000

For the P800(at least) that is true by the use of a decorder board or more recently a firmware called the chipless solution from a 3rd party and the use of refillable carts. This is a onetime cost of $50 to make the printer always read the carts as full. I recently did this to my P800 and can testify that it works as promised. The only downside is that you have to manually check the carts since the lcd on the printer & on the computer screen won’t be accurate.
The P700/900 has only been out for just a few months. The solutions for the P800 didn’t come about for years after it was released.
I do not have any knowledge of the 5000 but you might find info on the DP Review website - printwr forum.