P2 curve for Museo Silver Rag



I want to try MSR with P2 on my R2000. My normal tactic of trying a couple of existing ones and linearising has not yielded great results. Do you have some old ones lurking around that I could try? I can happily remap other curves to the R2000, I just need the curve to start.


Am I in any danger of getting an answer soon?


Obviously no danger whatsoever, where does one go to get answers to questions these days.


Sorry man. I was driving 17.5 hrs to Chicago and have been resurrecting a printer all day here.

I suggest any curve that is built for Exhibition Fibre in the current community download in the 3880 folder.

We do not have a lurker. We [I]will[/I] be building some new curves over time.



Great, Thanks Walker. EEF it is.