P 8000 Preventive maintenance

The Menu choices on the P 8000 LCD do not correspond to the 9900 video showing how to perform preventive maintenance to the capping station, flushing box, etc.; i.e. Mecha Adjustment—> Enter: there is no Maintenance selection, same for the “Life” selection
How do I get to Flushing Box and Wiper to clean them, they are not visible? Can you provide specific steps/walk through instructions to follow on the P 8000 LCD?

So sorry. This is in a backlog of videos to make.

  1. Epson in their infinite “wisdom” has disabled real maintenance mode on this printer. There is no way to uncap the head through a menu.

Option b: Unplug printer when you know the head is uncapped (not locked). This will keep the head free.
Option a: Turn printer off safely, unscrew the right side of the printer (top black piece, snap out control panel, unscrew right side nuts. It takes 5 mins. Then carefully move almost any of the white gears you see. You will see the head unlock and it will be free.


Thanks for replying so quickly,Walker.

I can get the head free/to the left, using the 9900 instructions, but only the capping stations show. I don’t see how to get to/pull down the wiper blade or flushing box.

Can you suggest how this can be done?



That’s the bigger white gear that is part of the cleaning assembly. This will move the wiper blade up/down.


I’ll try it, thanks again, Walker