Over-inking / curve start points

I am getting some over-inking in the highlights of my step chart. This can be noticed because the lines between boxes aren’t crisp.
I’m using an unsupported film (colourbyte) because pictorico and fixxons are too expensive to import atm and unavailable in the UK. This doesn’t happen with either of those films.
Clearly Colorbyte won’t take as much ink but the negatives I’ve printed that don’t have a pure white print absolutely fine so trying to find a work-around,
Is there a way to lay down less ink in the new tool set and still get a paper white?
Do I need the maximum inkload?
If I make the start point below 255 will I be introducing tone into my highlights?


PPEv2 can limit the Total Amount of Ink.

It’s in the Ink Limiting section in your settings column and is a simple “percentage”


Thanks walker. I’ve found it.

I want to limit the master quad

Can you explain which channels are laying down the most ink? I don’t understand what each axis represents on the quad graph.

How can I find the Cgats to plug the master quad into PPEv2?


The top line on the .quad graph in PPEv2 is the Total Ink Limit. For each tonal value from 0 to 255 you can limit the ink in those regions either up or down 0 is no ink 100 is 100% of the current ink load. So 60 would be limiting down by 40 percent (aka 60% of the current ink load in that tonal zone)


Thanks walker.

How do I put the master curve into PPEv2 in order to edit it?

Hi walker

Those instructions would be for after the master curve is printed correct?

How do I adjust the curve before it’s printed if I have no cgats to plug into the spreadsheet?


Just follow the part where you open a curve in sublime txt and paste it into “starting curve”.


  1. Delete the measurements.
  2. Go to the limiting part and set the limit per tonal value:

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 2.15.08 PM

In the example above tonal value 0 is set to 70% ink limit, value 42.5 is 60% etc . . .


Thanks Walker

Is sublime text a requirement? I can’t seem to find it in the app store



Hi Walker,

I downloaded sublime text and followed all the steps outlined in the video.

Something is preventing me from uploading the edited quad though.

It says…

Illegal quad file: missing ## QuadToneRIP line

Where should this line be inserted?