Out out color ink...


After getting past my cartridge installation issue, I reset my waste tank and ran an Init Fill with my PiezoFlush carts. I then let it rest for 24 hours. Then I powered it up and ran a nozzle check which is clean but the colored inks are still in evidence. So I did a power clean and another check and the colors are still present. Hmmm…
Should I wait another 12 hours and re-run the power clean or re-do the Init Fill?



There will always be a small amount of residue in the dampers that tint the flush if the dampers are not brand new. This is to be expected. The flush is working. Another initial fill (from Flush to Piezo or back to Color) will eliminated the old-ink residue.

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Great thanks! On to the Piezo ink then…


As another data point: On my 7900, it took 3 INIT FILLS of PiezoFlush to fully eliminate all evidence of the residual color ink. While ink in the dampers is certainly one of the reasons it takes so much flushing, I am also convinced that color ink stain on the inside walls of the long ink supply tubes is also a major contributor. Even after two INIT FILLS I could clearly see residual color in my ink tubes and this for certain comes in the chain BEFORE the damper! For me, the third INIT FILL did the trick. So be prepared for possibly TWO more INIT FILLs. I would also recommend waiting 48 hours between INIT FILLS.



Thanks for this! There is a bit of residual staining in the tubes after I did the Init fill with the Piezo inks. So It sounds like I have more flushing to do.
I was anxious to get started after the inks were installed and while the image itself looked nice, there was also some strange magenta/pink overspray covering the entire printable area of the page outside the image area. This is on a mat paper with the Han Photo Rag curve so I didn’t think it was the gloss optimizer… So I then did a physical cleaning as described in the maintenance video. There was some schmutz on the head but with the PiezoFlush on the cleaning paper it is hard to tell how much of of the crud was magenta ink…
Off to flush more and ponder…