Out of Ink Light Won't "reset"

I have an R1800. I am getting faint output from one of the carts and after several cleaning operations did not correct it, I bit the bullet and decided to do some maintenance on the printer. I followed the directions in the desktop maintenance video and cleaned the points in the print head with piezo flush and followed that by using the flush cart to clean the print head. After that I put the carts back in and ran a nozzle check and cleaning. I kept following the on screen directions and the nozzle checks were getting better. As I was doing this, I started running out of ink in a couple of carts and replaced them as I went. I then got a low ink on the magenta cart and replaced it. I had reset the replacement cart before inserting. After inserting the cart, I then got an out of ink light on the magenta cart. I reset the replacement cart again but got the same result. I powered off the printer but when re-powered I get the same out of ink indicator. I refilled the first cart, reset it but still get the out of ink light. So two full carts, successfully reset the chip but the printer still indicates out of ink.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

I spent all day fixing printer issues. This all started when trying to get a nozzle clear. I feel like I cleaned all of the nozzles and head 3 times along the way. While I was trying to get the one cart back working, an adjacent cart started with the same symptom. In the end I got the printer back on-line but I’m not sure what I finally did that convinced the printer that there was ink in all of the carts.

What I tried in no particular order…
Cleaned print head and nozzles several times using Piezoflush
Filled every cart with ink and used resetter on every cart before inserting into printer
Cleaned nooks and crannies with q-tips and Piezoflush
Cleaned cart carriage contacts with distilled water
Cleaned wiper blade

Thanks for the update, I’m glad you were able to resolve your issue, and expect it was probably the removal/refill/reinstallation of carts that did the trick, though it may have been a combination of things.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: