OT: is there a good source for non-OEM laser printer toner?

I’m usually here asking for help with my R3000, but it’s working well now. What prompts the question is that my wife has needed to buy a color laser printer for work. We settled on a Brother HLL8260cdw. It is adequate, but toner prices are astonishing. The price of one color toner cart is 1/2 that of the printer. It’s difficult to find reliable info on the web, so I thought I’d ask people I trust, even though it’s not in our ballpark. Are there good vendors, or are we trapped in Brother’s system? Thanks.

Sadly we aren’t in this biz of quality controlling laser toner.


I’ve personally done this a few times myself but with a local source (VermontTonerRecharge) that was very knowledgeable but don’t know if they are around anymore. I would google them and give them a call if they are still doing business.


Thanks for responding. They are still around but with a very, very reduced inventory – 2 of 578 products – and neither fit my printer.

Looking for toner has been a slog through a wilderness of dubious claims. As big as the market must be, I’m surprised that a reliable vendor, or at least a reliable judge of vendors, hasn’t emerged.

Try Toner World at tonerworld.com. I use them for cartridges for a HP color laser printer.

Thanks for responding. They do have carts, I’ll give them a try. Much appreciated. If anyone else has other suggestions, please let me know. I will compile a list for other sites.

I’ve had good results with Supplies Outlet. Not the lowest price, but good quality. I have a Canon that uses the 118 cartridge and they work well.