Orange vent plugs - and filling cartridges

On 9900 series cartridges - just to confirm the filling sequence :

Do you need to plug the ink fill hole with the clear rubber plug BEFORE priming ? Or can I :

  • leave clear fill plug off
  • remove orange vent plug
  • prime cart with syringe
  • put ink from priming syringe back into the cart
  • reinsert clear ink fill plug.

What is the purpose of the orange fill plug once it is removed ? Should it be used again when refilling the cartridges ? Or just toss it ?


the orange plug is just for long term out-of-printer storage.

remove it before doing anything with the cartridge.

you can put prime ink back into bottle


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Ah ok. The printed instructions don’t say when to put the clear fill cap back on. So the fill hole should be plugged BEFORE priming and should NOT be re-opened after priming (only open for refilling). Correct ?

the point of priming is to remove air. If the fill hole is open air is getting into the system.

So after Filling put the Fill hole back. Then prime


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