Orange instead of VM


My 3880 is printing orange in stead of red. I replaced then the refillable vm and lvm cards with OEM cards. Result stays the same. Any idea?
I used Qtr to use only the magenta’s and the VM came out as orange, although this is a new OEM cartridge.

In aa nozzle check the VM is coming out lighter as the LVM.

running out of ideas I’m open for any suggestions

regards Hans

It will take quite a few pages to move ink from the carts to the print head. Have you printed a dozen or so VM and VLM pages following this procedure: ?
It may take more than a dozen pages to accomplish the task, but it is less costly than performing an initial ink charge.
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In addition.
If I am printing a 255,0,255 sample it comes out as magenta???

Thank you John, I will continue


Hi Hanso~

After reviewing your order history, I see you bought the set of 3880 refillable carts and set of 110ml ConeColor bottles in March 2013, so your inks are old and you do not print frequently, and therefore have settled pigment in your ink carts and internal ink lines, which is causing several issues, including incorrect density/color you’re explaining.
*To remedy this, ideally you should get fresh ink and refill all your carts, then charge your printer with fresh ink, but at the very least you will need to shake all your ink carts and do 3 power clean cycles or one Initial Fill to get inks in suspension and printing correctly.
*For the best results with pigment ink, you should shake ink carts and use the printer on a regular basis to maintain in-suspension pigment in both the carts and internal ink system, for correct and consistent output. Also, settled pigment will cause damper screens to clog faster, leading to poor ink flow and eventually total clogging/no ink printing.
*If you go long periods (months) without using the printer, the best thing to do is remove the set of ink carts, install a set of carts filled with PiezoFlush, then do one Initial Fill cycle (using the Adjustment Program) to flush ink and fill the printer’s internal ink system with flush fluid for safe long-term storage. Then, when you’re ready to begin printing again, simply shake your ink carts and reinstall them into your printer, and do an Initial Fill cycle to purge flush and refill the internal ink system with ink.

YES, the QTR flush images are all various magenta or purple colors, which is correct for printing thru QTR Calibration Mode.

I hope this helps.
Best~ Dana