Optimizing use of InkThrift CL capsules

I just finished my third set of InkThrift CL capsules for my 1430. Two more arrived a few days ago and am preparing to load another one, which will make my fourth set. But due to some poor nozzle checks and subsequent cleaning I’ve been using more ink than I’d like. I’ve been careful to follow all the steps in Dana’s excellent video on cleaning and maintenance. I’m getting a bit concerned over this expenditure.

I’ll have three sets of expended capsules, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to capture some of the ink and eventually create another set of capsules from this surplus.

Another idea: It would help a lot if there was another option to buy the capsules. Right now we have a choice of buying a complete set of six different colors or one or more sets of three of any one color. I can understand why IJM wouldn’t want to put together an order for just one cart. But how about a “User’s Choice” option? IJM could set a minimum order, say 3 or 4 carts, but the user could make up a set reflecting his/her most used colors.

This wraps up my entry for “Suggestion of the Week” award, The winner gets a lifetime supply of free carts! :slight_smile:


You can now buy individual 1430 refillable carts.

(here’s an example)

And you can buy the individual bottles as well:


Thanks, Walker. I was hoping thare might be a way of refilling the capsule in the EasyFill setup.