Optimal gloss overprint

I currently use the neutral inks with mainly photo plus the gloss overprint. The finish I get (on Type 5 for example) I’d describe as satin. Is there a way to adjust the gloss overprint to achieve a glossier result? In fact, is this a relevant question? IE, is the glossy overprint capable of a glossy result, or is the satin finish it? Thanks!

Piezography Gloss Overprint is not designed to enhance glossiness - but rather to emphasize it lightly while equalizing the gloss of the media and inks so that the reflection is the same no matter where the eye looks.

Having said that, two printings of GO will enhance the glossiness. But, it will not turn a baryta surface into a high gloss surface. If you prefer more gloss, it is better to work on papers with higher gloss.