Opaque photo black



Hello Dana,

I’ve just noticed that there is now an opaque photo black as well as MPS shade 1 photo black for gloss printing. You seem to be recommending the opaque photo black for carbon and warm neutral inksets - is that correct? I haven’t bought ink in a while but the last time I did there was a selenium MPS shade 1 and a warm neutral MPS shade 1 which were supposedly the same. Have you just changed the names or are these new shade 1 inks?




Hi Andy~

Let me clarify the three Piezography shade 1/black inks.
Originally, we had Neutral shade 1 for non-gloss printing, and Selenium shade 1 for gloss printing. A few years later, we came out with Piezography Warm-Neutral ink, including a new glossy compatible black- WN#1 (AKA “Opaque Black”).
WN#1/Opaque Black is slightly darker and slightly glossier than SEL#1, but many people who have been using SEL#1 wish to continue using it, and the Piezography Digital Negative system was developed with this black.
In the lower levels, WN#1 is slightly warm and SEL#1 is slightly cool- but at the level where they are printed, both are deep black and I would say the slight warmth/coolness is not noticeable.
All our Piezography printers (we have five 7880/9880 model printers, each set up with a different Piezography ink tone) are using the WN#1/Opaque Black for glossy printing, and I personally prefer to use WN#1 for all glossy printing, except when printing on film I use the SEL#1.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:



Are you also using these WN#1 inksets for matte printing forgoing switching to a MK shade 1?


No, I only use WN#1 for gloss printing, and always use Neutral #1 when printing on matte or rag papers. Our x880’s are set up with the new Piezography 2 system (SOON to be released for public use), so we have both NU#1 and WN#1, along with shades 2-6 and GO in each printer to be able to do both matte and gloss printing with all our machines.