One side channel filled, the other full of air

I’m trying to prime a cartridge for a 4880 using the priming syringe. One channel filled up easily, but the other one is still empty. I’ve repeated the process several times with the syringe, and tilting the cartridge different ways and tapping the side. (There are no plugs in the cartridge, so the ink should be flowing freely as it did into the one side channel). Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi Jon144~ If you prime the cartridge with the priming syringe and tilt it exit valve down, then tap the exit channel a few times, but ink does not enter the exit channel, then I suspect there may be a blockage in the exit channel (possible a small piece of plastic from the manufacturing process?), since you were able to easily prime another cartridge (they should be very easy to prime). Can you please attach a photo of the suspect cartridge so I can see the exit channel area, with the cartridge facing exit channel down, and also let me know what color position this cartridge is for. We will get this resolved for you.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: